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This wasn’t just a school girl high school crush, it was REAL! I’ve never had a REAL relationship like I did with you. Just please give me that chance! The past week I’ve been thinking on how I can change to make this work, and I know what I need to do!

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I know that we’ve been arguing and I know that it doesn’t help that I lived with you and we were together 24/7. And I’m willing to change all that, just please talk to me, my heart breaks more and more every day, and I can’t do anything about it. I’ve given you your time and your space. Now please give me my time to prove to you that we can make this relationship work! No one in this world can or will love you the way I do! & I know you love me, because if you didn’t you wouldn’t tell my mother of all people that you were gonna get me a ring to secure your love for me! I’m not gonna jump back into the relationship where we left off, I want to start over and do certain things differently. So please just give me that chance!! I feel in my heart that you will come back, I just hope my heart is right and that it’s not too late. 😔🙏 please, just let me show you that I can be a million times better than what I have been! C&M❤️

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My heart stopped when I saw this….I can’t imagine

I almost didn’t reblog this but I had to.
All my love to those who serve this great nation and to the families for all they do to support them.

My dad always was so quiet after coming home on days he had to do this.

I almost skipped this because it breaks my heart. But then I decided that’s kind of the best reason to reblog. My heart and prayers go out to everyone who has had to endure either side of this moment. 

I honestly couldn’t thank men and women who serve enough. And especially their families because of this
Anonymous: You and your bf are super skin cute I'm jelous! 😍

Super skin cute? Lol but thanks!:)

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